The main activities are developing and promoting the use of knowledge about the effectiveness of interventions

The foundation aims to expand the available knowledge on the effectiveness of interventions through evaluations and to understand and influence decisions to support / implement effective interventions.

    Research into effectiveness and donations

This means that Giving for Impact evaluates the impact of specific interventions about whose effectiveness little knowledge is available. In addition, Giving for Impact wants to enhance the knowledge that results from existing assessments. To this end, the foundation developed an open evidence portal of existing evaluations. Lastly, the foundation encourages experiments on ways in which decision-making of donors to make donations to effective charities can be influenced.

     Learning how to encourage donating to highly effective charities

The latter are behavioral experiments that the foundation funds and performs itself. Behavioral experiments are studies through which – often through random ‘treatment’ under which participants perform a task – better understanding the actual behavior of people is gained. The foundation’s focus is on experiments that provide insight into donation patterns and / or behavior of policy makers. More specifically, the foundation is looking into how using knowledge of impact of projects charitable giving can be promoted.