Giving for impact strives to increase social impact

The objective of Giving for Impact foundation is to increase the social impact of individuals and organisations that intend to make an impactful contribution to society.

  Barriers to impact

Giving for Impact is responding to the three major barriers for individuals and organisations to achieve maximum impact. These are 1) a lack of solid evidence on the effectiveness of interventions , 2) not enough awareness of the importance of using existing evidence.

 Increase use of evidence in decision-making

Because of these barriers donors and charitable organisations often have and use little knowledge of the effectiveness (extent to which the desired impact is achieved) of their projects. The reason for this is all too often that such evidence of the effectiveness does not exist or that givers and charitable NGOs are not aware of the existence of the evidence. Even when givers or decision-makers have access to evidence they do not necessarily factor it in their decision-making.